Feb 11th The benefits of Responsive Design

Is your website RESPONSIVE?

See why the investment to go with Responsive Design makes business sense www.wildeye.at/ZPY.

Aug 2nd Maintaining your website CMS

We make sure your #CMS #website is running smoothly. www.wildeye.at/ZoV Talk to us re websites in #YarraValley

Jul 22nd Digital Strategy

Digital strategy affects your entire business. www.wildeye.at/Z5V Let us translate your plan into action.

Apr 17th Easter

Wishing our clients a happy and safe Easter.
We will be on standby during the break even though the office will be closed.

Dec 18th Mail server and website interruptions / Resolved

Our DNS provider has notified that they were able to fully mitigate the impact of the denial of service attack that began earlier this morning. Whilst they will continue to monitor the attack in progress throughout the rest of the evening, DNS services has been restored. Please contact us if you believe that there are still issues with your ... Read More »

Dec 18th Mail server and website interruptions

Progress have been made to restore DNS services. At this time, the affected network is currently providing responses to approximately 33% of requested DNS queries.

Dec 18th Mail server and website interuptions

Some of you may have experienced a site down or mail server not responding. A DDOS attack has been confirmed at one of our nameserver providers. They have made progress in mitigating the attack to restore services. We thank you for your patience while resolving the issue and services are in the process of restoring. Files and databases will be ... Read More »

Dec 21st Have a joyous festive season

Thanks for your support this year. We are looking forward to working with you again in 2013.
the wildeye studio will be closed from 21 December to 14 January 2013 (we'll still be monitoring support tickets)

Jul 30th new portal live

We're getting our new client portal ready.